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Welcome to the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. The purpose of the Center is to enhance the study and practice of the art of becoming aware of the nature of our own awareness...of becoming conscious of consciousness itself. Utilizing both the methods of meditation and experiential phenomenology. the object of our personal awareness becomes awareness itself. In our various programs the goals are to learn to hold the awareness state, to enter into this innate immediate field of awareness, to rest deeply in the field and at moments becoming what we are. As Dudjom Rinpoche the great Dzogchen master writes, "Although hundreds or thousands of explanations are given, There is only one thing to be understood- Know the one thing that liberates everything- Awareness itself, your own true nature." Through meditative practice one can begin to experience the field of awareness itself as the base, and as the medium through which one experiences one's life and one's karma. The field of awareness and its primordial qualities slowly, but surely becomes the organizer of our mind and person. The qualities of the field are spaciousness, energy, luminosity and compassion. We begin to feel, think, see and sense through the an word we integrate both our cognitive functions and life experience within the field of awareness. The field itself is completely relational, multidimensional and and infinite in its horizon. Ultimately, the field itself is the oneness of oneness.


Once established in the field of awareness we can easily practice the method of extension in order to expand this field of ongoing continuity of Being; this field which is so infinite in its horizon, and so multidimensional. The field itself is the source of connectedness, oneness and healing. Through science and physics, the empirical knowledge of the nature of subtle fields has been opened for us, confirming the understanding of contemporary phenomenological philosophy and psychology that consciousness is a field. Even more remarkably, recent science is confirming the mystic view of the ancient spiritual and healing traditions both eastern and western which describe a self-generating ground state of the universe. This ground field connects self to self, tradition to tradition, culture to culture and universe to universe.


Because of the convergence of understanding, we are able to be artfully eclectic and are able to utilize the practices of many traditions that emphasize the embodiment of consciousness. We utilize many languages...including Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Kashmir Shavism, Christian Mystic traditions as well as Sufism and Taoistic Qi Gong practices. Our basic orientation is western phenomenology which is so inclusive in spirit and method. The seminars are intensely experiential and everyone enters and holds the primordial field of awareness together, thus learning to generate and sustain this view both for oneself and others.


Most of our seminars are designed to invoke the practice of meditation for the general public and are free of cost via the internet. Some seminars are more specifically designed for the psychotherapist and people dedicated to the healing arts who wish to amplify their developed skills in working within the field of awareness.

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