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The teacher is the field of awareness itself; infinite in its horizon and so multidimensional. Or as Swami Muktananda was fond of saying, "meditation teaches meditation." It is of the very nature of the innate immediate field of awareness to illuminate itself in the most direct and experiential manner. In a way every experience can be method. It is really great to meet great teachers and yogis who embody the field completely and personally. Their articulations of their experience is both uplifting and compelling, and will give us orientation and even the direct experience of the field within our own self. We also consider that all of the various traditions are in themselves, fields of knowledge and information reflecting the very nature of the field of our own awareness.


To enter the various traditions is still yet another method of experiencing the nature of our own awareness state. Through the traditions, one can enter the archetypal dimension of one's awareness state through devotion to the various deities. Here we understand that the various deities and archetypes are personifications and symbolizations of the primordial qualities of the nature of consciousness itself. Here our orientation is that every teacher is method, every tradition is method, every deity is method, and every mantra is method; just as equally is every life experience method for entering into the experience of the primordial consciousness in and of itself. Ultimately it is our own field of awareness itself, that teaches and leads us into our own nature. Awareness itself teaches awareness.

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