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Wednesday Advanced Psychotherapy Seminar


The Washington Center has two ongoing seminars archived and updated weekly on the site. This seminar is open to psychotherapists, coaches, counselors, members in the healing and consultation professions, as well as to students of meditation interested in the nature of awareness as a field phenomena.


The focus is on the experience and use of the field of awareness in the relational and archetypal context. The resources for this seminar are Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Kashmir Shavism and the western phenomenology of Husserl, Merleau Ponty and Martin Heidegger, as well as other contemporary existential phenomenologists. Our foundational experience is existential and archetypal psychoanalysis. This seminar has taken place on Wednesday mornings beginning at 10am EST since 1985. Psychologists, social workers, nurses, yoga teachers, neuroscientists, educators, physicians, psychoanalytic practitioners, counselors and philosophers have participated in this didactic and experiential seminar. The seminar is a subtle experiential challenge. The unfolding result of this existential praxis is the happening of the experience of duality within non duality and non duality with duality.


OUR LATEST VIDEO : Archetypal Energy 01-17-2024

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