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WELCOME! We both hope and wish that the wonderful qualities of the innate field of awareness can be experienced directly and immediately in your home…And why not? The same center is within you and within us. In the Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges’ short story, “The Aleph”, a man discovers that the center of the universe is located in his own basement. This center point gives its beholder access to the oneness of the field. The Aleph point is the center, and all the centers are completely interconnected at the subtle level of the field of consciousness. Thus meetings can be direct, unmediated and consequently, inside to inside…self to self.

- Co-directors: Rudy Bauer, PhD and Sharon Bauer, MSN


Our center offers two ongoing online meditation seminars to the public. 

Meditation seminars take place via the zoom platform.

They are archived and updated weekly and can be found at anytime here.   

Awareness Meditation
Friday Morning 9 AM EST

The Friday seminar focuses on the meditation process of becoming aware of your own innermost awareness. This awareness is an experiential field of spaciousness, energy and light. This form of awareness meditation has origins in Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism as well as Hindu Kashmir Shavism, as well as continental existential phenomenology. The unfolding result of such meditative praxis is the experience of non duality within duality and duality within non duality.

Dakini Practice

Saturday 9 am EST

The focus of the Saturday program is the invocation of the archetypal dimension of human experience. The archetypal is understood both from the language of Dzogchen and Kashmir Shavism as well as through western archetypal phenomenology and archetypal psychology. 

To participate in the Washington Center's ongoing Friday/Saturday meditation programs online using the zoom platform, please sign up to make a monthly payment of $25 below. You will receive a single zoom link to attend all Friday and Saturday sessions every month. Any questions, please contact us at


Advanced Psychotherapy Seminar

Wednesday 10 am Est

Our advanced seminar is open to psychotherapists, coaches, counselors, members in the healing and consultation professions, as well as to students of meditation interested in the nature of awareness as a field phenomena. The seminars are archived and updated weekly and can be found at anytime here.   

The focus is on the experience and use of the field of awareness in the relational and archetypal context. The resources for this seminar are Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Kashmir Shavism and the western phenomenology of Husserl, Merleau Ponty and Martin Heidegger, as well as other contemporary existential phenomenologists. Our foundational experience is existential and archetypal psychoanalysis. This seminar has taken place on Wednesday mornings since 1985. Psychologists, social workers, nurses, yoga teachers, neuroscientists, educators , physicians ,psychoanalytic practitioners, counselors and philosophers have participated in this didactic and experiential seminar. The seminar is a subtle experiential challenge. The unfolding result of this existential praxis is the happening of the experience of duality within non duality and non duality with duality.


The advanced seminar is not open to the general public. To participate, please contact Please state your reason for interest and your educational and work background.  Space is limited and places are not always available.  




Our center also presents Transmission: The Journal Of the Awareness Field. The journal offers essays on the experience and nature of awareness and the use of the awareness field in psychotherapy, healing, consultation and meditative praxis. These essays are a foundation for the experiential work and practice that takes place within the Washington Center. The texts will draw on and reflects sources of both praxis and understanding namely existential phenomenology, Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Kashmir Shavism and existential psychoanalysis.

The Journal can  be accessed online at


& through it's archives at

Top 1% of Papers on

A recommendation From Michel Bitbol: Institute Ecole Supérieure, France regarding

Mind As Knower of Forms & Awareness as Knower of Being:

A Phenomenological View by Rudolph Bauer Ph.D

"This is a short and lucid statement of our ontological situation , similar to the outcome of the best phenomenological research (such as Merleau-Ponty's visible and invisible). We are immersed in Being, and witness its self manifestation qua lived experience, and we try to extract stable formal features from this experience, that we define as scientific objects. If such views were more widespread, no one would be tempted to embrace materialism which is seen as a confusion between forms and being, between objects of science and reality."

Please visit our papers here

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